Running Late by haikuninja

Gonna Miss The Bus!!!

Dear Gail, Emily and John,

My class visited the State Archives on multiple occasions, and just let me say, the experience was brilliant. History is a subject which I have always immensely interested in. Of course children have never been expected to be interested in things like History, but my class have never been known to live up to expectations, they surpassed them. If expectations were laws, we have broken most of them.

Back onto the subject, we were first introduced to the Archives by John, during an Introductory Talk. John spoke to us about some minor History events, and commented on our intelligent answers to his questions, and the quality of the questions we threw at him.

John told us about the Conservation Room. He did not speak about this department of the Archives in great detail, presumably because he wanted to show us the Conservation Room, on the Tour. The Tour was when John brought us around the Archives, and taught us about how the documents were stored and the specialised conditions need to preserve the articles. Then came the Room we had all been waiting for: The Conservation Room.

We were told to be respectful to the workers, as we were actually disturbing their work hours, but the lady in charge was more than happy to show us how they mended the documents, and let us feel some examples of the papers. It was simply brilliant. How many kids our age had the chance to compare today’s paper with paper one hundred and forty years old. It sounds like I’m getting over excited, but these chances don’t come often, and as a aspiring historian (or a sports super hero) it was something I couldn’t miss. The texture amazed me. Today’s paper being smooth-ish, to the knobbly paper from the 1860’s. These differences make realise how the world is becoming bigger stronger, turning from A to B. We are building our society to be greater than any man or woman ever imagined we could be. Thank you for this brilliant experience, I won’t forget it.


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