Artemis Fowl and The Artic Incident

The Book I am Currently Reading. Highly Recommended Along With All The Others In The Series.

Do you take pleasure in reading books. Fantasy, action, romance or comedy? What is your style? Books bring us to worlds of wonders. I am reading Artemis Fowl and the Artic Incident. It brings me to Ireland, Artemis' birthplace. It let's me tag along with Artemis as he stands up to Goblins and unites with Elves (very highly technologicaly and mentally advanced ones). They venture into the artic circle, in search of his Father, Artemis Fowl Senior. The Father upset the Russian Mafia when he tried to export some Cola, so he could build his family fortune to it's former glory, by using the strong Russian Stock Markets. So Artemis (aged 13), his manservant, Butler, along with LEP cop (an elf), they search for his presumably dead Father. See where books can take you? With books, your imagination is the limit. The Author tells the story, but you create the images, the tones, of voices, the harsh conditions the characters have to survive, the monsters and villains. The book is your world. Be free.
World of Mine

We own the Book in our hands. Let us own the World within the Book

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