I hate school uniform by Inessa92007

I got the Tie at Hell's Gate. I like it.

What is the point of school? The teacher goes up to the blackboard and writes. This is what I see: x multiplied by 1a2 is equalivent to that of a+c. What does a+c=?

What the teacher sees: a+c=2+8=10. I really don't see the point of school.

But really, I am given so much work to do that I can hardly scrape through. I am probably failing in Maths. English, I'm average, Visual Arts... I just can't be bothered. I do it, but the class standard is not very high. I'm terrible, but I get A's and B's. But so does everybody else. And nearly everybody is better than I am. Science is not a topic my teacher does often, but I'm not complaining. My class is lucky though, we are located near the University of Western Sydney, and my teacher books some lecturers to speak about their life carreers. That is pretty good. We have to write e-mails to these lecturers aswell. Sometimes we go to places like The State Archives, or the NSW Art Gallery. The Art Gallery was a flop, but the Archives were great. We wrote some e-mails to The Gallery and Archives. I'll show you the Archives e-mail sometime.

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